10 Best Government Jobs In India 2020

10 Best Government Jobs In India 2020
10 Best Government Jobs In India 2020

In India Government job is not a normal term. All over India students are preparing for Government exams to get a Government job. India is a big country in terms of geography and population. And lots of Government departments are in India which released exams every year for new vacancies.

People of India prefer a Government job because a Government job provides you job security and a regular increment in salary. Government job or Government employee both have a special or good status in India. According to me persons who have a Government job have a unique level of status in society.

Aspirants are really doing hard work to get a Government job. Every 3rd or 4th student in India preparing for Government exams. and a person who is doing a job in the private sector is also preparing for Government exams.

Either state or central Government both provides you lots of opportunities every year to fulfill your dream to get a Government job. Recruitment of employees is done at various levels. It means private employees also try to shift their job from the private sector to the Government sector. Some students are doing a part-time job also to continues their studies. I write this article to highlight some best Government jobs in India.

10 Best Government Jobs In India 2020:

1. IAS is also one of the civil services of India. It is considered as the permanent member of the Indian bureaucracy. previously it is known as ICS (Indian civil service). IAS officers also appointed as the head of the public sector undertaking. In our country, the appointment of IAS is control and managed by the department of personnel and training. They also help the Government in policy formation.

2. IPS (Indian police service) is the second 2nd arm of civil service. Its previous name during Britishers’ rule is all India services. Formally known as imperial police. IPS officers rank is equal to the Britishers. IPS is appointed by the State Government as well as the central Government. IPS has duties and responsibilities like ….

-to maintain peace and order in public


-To give protection to VIP’s

-Country terrorism

-Drug trafficking …etc.

3. IFS Indian foreign service is the 3rd arm of civil service. Its duty or responsibility is to maintain diplomacy and manage foreign relations of India with other countries of the world. IFS is created by the Government of India in 1946. Officers of the IFS are now recruited by the Government of India on the recommendation of the Union public service commission.

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